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Dental Flexible Periotome Serrated Blade Periodontal Titanium Root

Flexible Periotome Extraction Surgery set of 8 with Metal Case. - Very high quality dental instruments - Fast same day shipping - Priority shipping - Excellent service - Buy with confidence - 8Pcs Flexible Periotome - Straight Curved - For dental implants - And tooth extraction. - With minimal damage to the patient Gums - Less inflammation and swelling - Minimum bleeding - Possibly less tooth fracture leading towards difficult root extraction and time loss. - Flex Periotome with a flat rear tip for hammering if necessary. - Different grove patterns on grip for quick identification - Extremely flexible tip. - Tip follows the curvature of the tooth shaft by changing it’s angle by bending without breaking and Exerting the minimal to least pressure on the gums - Fast recovery period for patients - Less post procedure pain. - Less chances of infection - Easier and quicker food intake by happy patient. - less gum damage possibly No suturing - Times saved by dentist during extraction - Possibly fast same day implant prep and Instalation. - Happy patients - More Returning patients - More referrals from patients. - Condition is "New".