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Dental Implant Twist Stopper Drills Kit accurate drill depth control

DENTAL INTEGRAL TWIST STOPPER DRILLS KIT The top Quality of Dental Implant systems. Details The Integral Stopper Drills Kit assures accurate depth control. The Kit is designed for each Implant Diameter and Length of Internal Hex Drilling procedure. Contains 30 PCs Drills in 6 different diameters and 5 length External Irrigation Implant Drills for the preparation of the implant Osteotomy. Manufactured from high quality surgical materials, with high quality performance. Drill Sizes: Drills Diameters: 2.0 / 2.8 / 3.2 / 3.65 / 4.0 and 4.5mm Stopper Lengths: 6.0mm / 8.0mm / 10mm / 11.5mm and 13mm * SIMPLE – Quick, easy Assembly * EASY – The drills are Color ring for rapid identification of sleeve diameter * SAFE – Safe drilling to planned depth COMPLETE PREMIUM SURGICAL KIT: * Premium quality designed Medical Grade and autoclave box * Premium quality resistant silicone inserts * Material: Japanese Stainless Steel Country of Manufacture: Pakistan