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Prosthetic kit

DENTAL IMPLANT PROSTHETIC KIT WITH DRIVERS AND TORQUE WRENCH 8 PC Description This kit gives you the ability to handle any implant brand attachment. Save time and money by not having to order drivers from many different companies. This kit is used to remove and fasten implant prosthetics. It includes a complete set of components for tightening clinical and prosthetic screws to the correct torque value. Features 1 x Torque Wrench, 10 – 50 Ncm 7 x Driver Tips 1). 0.9mm/035 Hex Nobel Biocare, 3I, Keystone, Megagen, Hiossen, Dentium. 2). 1.2mm/0.48 Hex: Nobel Biocare, 3I, Keystone, Megagen, Hiossen, Dentium. 3). 1.27-1.3mm/0.50 Hex Zimmer, Astra, BioHorizons, Intr-Lock, MIS, SteriOss, Sybron, Implant Direct, PerioSeal. 4). ITI/SCS : “ITI” driver for Straumann SCS. 5). Star/Unigrip : “Star” driver for Nobel Biocare Active and Unigrip Screw, Neoss 6). Square 7). Slot.